On Coast & Country this week: how water shapes our lives

This week's Coast & Country is all about how water shapes our lives.

Ruth has tried her hand at sailing at the Llandegfedd reservoir,

The reservoir is home to all manner of water sports and a sailing teacher who has been taking to the water for nearly 50 years.

Also on this week's programme is Ben Clifford, Ben set up Surfability UK, a group which helps disabled people learn to surf.

Ben himself has dyspraxia, a condition which affects his co-ordination, and took up surfing because it was the only sport which didn't hurt when he fell off.

Now he and his team of volunteers help those with a passion for the waves grow in confidence with specially adapted boards and learning techniques.

One of Ben's student's Ethan has cerebral palsy and has only learnt to walk in the last few years. Now he is aiming to surf in the paralympics.

Another of Ben's pupils Noah has anxiety, his mum says the surfing group has made a real difference.

Also this week, Andrew meet's a group of kayakers, the Llandysul Paddlers who helped coach youth olympic hopeful Lili Bryant.

Her dad Gareth set up the group which has members from all over the town.

He says the group has become like a family and helped keep some of the youngsters 'on the right path'.

And Rob Shelley has been exploring the wonderful world of beach huts!

The pretty huts decorate the beach at Abersoch and Rob has been to meet a few lucky hut-dwellers.

But if you fancy owning your own slice of hutlife - beware it comes with a hefty price tag - with one recently selling for over £100,000.

Coast & Country, Tonight at 8pm, ITV Cymru Wales.