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Teenager saved from the water in Milford Haven

Library photo of Milford Haven Credit: PA

A 14-year-old boy has been rescued after falling into the water at Milford Haven.

One of the boy's friends called the Coastguard at around 7.30pm on 27th May, with help arriving within five minutes.

The teenager was conscious enough to hold onto a life ring and was recovered to the pilot boat where he was taken back to shore. Amazingly, it transpired that he wasn't able to swim but luckily his backpack provided him with buoyancy

– Roger Reed, HM Coastguard

The rescue team said the boy only had minutes left before he would have succumbed to the water.

We can’t praise the friend highly enough for what he did. He knew to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. He was able to give us all the details we needed with a precise location, but most importantly calling the correct service saved precious time which his friend didn't have. He did this all whilst remaining calm with our call taker.

– Roger Reed, HM Coastguard