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'It makes you feel physically sick': Llanelli residents describe their horror of fly infestation

A public meeting is being held on Monday to discuss the pests. Credit: ITV News Wales

Up to 1,000 homes have been affected by an infestation of flies in Llanelli.

Some have described the invasion as "absolute hell". There's been no explanation for what's causing the problem. A sample has been tested by an external pest control company which has identified them as a common house fly.

Amanda Carter is a resident of Llanelli and says she is so fed up of the pests she's organised a public meeting which will take place on Monday.

Amanda says she's had no support since the fly infestation. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Last year was the same, this year's the same. And it ended in October last year when the weather changed. And there's no way we're putting up with it this year. We haven't seen anybody, nobody's knocked my door at all. We've had enough, and the community's fighting back.

While I appreciate investigations are continuing, what is needed now is actual support for residents, giving them advice, keeping them updated. People need support, financial support as well. Some of the conditions that people are having to cope with here are actually disgusting, so we need answers and we need them now.

– Amanda Carter, local resident

Carmarthenshire council say they are continuing their investigations to find the source of a fly problem in parts of Llanelli.

Cllr Philip Hughes, executive board member for public protection, said: “Test results have identified that this is a common house fly, which unfortunately makes it very difficult to identify the source. We are, however, linking in with an external agency who will be sending expert technicians down as soon as possible to further assist our officers on the ground with trying to identify the source."

Residents are being advised to keep food in containers, to clean work surfaces, keep windows closed when possible and to treat areas with household pesticides.