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Welsh communities transform iconic red telephone boxes

Credit: David Davies/PA Archive/PA Images

BT says the red telephone box is being given a new lease of life up and down the country.

It says, across Wales, more than 300 phone boxes have been transformed while 5000 have been adopted across the UK.

In Gwaenysgor, Flintshire the K2 type phone box was recently converted to house a defibrillator while in Eryrys, Denbighshire the local community adapted their phone box into an information centre.

BT has introduced an 'Adopt a Kiosk' scheme.

The Adopt a Kiosk programme has proved to be a huge success. With use of pay phones declining by more than 90 per cent in the last decade, many phone boxes are no longer needed as working pay phones. But villages and towns across the country have been keen to keep them because the red kiosks are often an integral part of the local community.

Rather than leave the phone boxes empty, they have come up with a huge variety of uses, ranging from mini libraries and mini art galleries to tourist information centres and grocery shops - or the boxes have been equipped with the latest lifesaving heart defibrillator equipment.

– Katherine Bradley, commercial and operations manager for BT Payphones