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Llanelli fly infestation: latest update

Library image. Credit: Philippe Clement/Belga/PA Images

Carmarthenshire County Council’s says its environmental health team has handed over responsibility over the source of Llanelli’s fly infestation to Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

NRW is the enforcing authority over the recycling plant in Seaside which was identified last week as the most likely source of the infestation.

Since June 5 the council’s environmental health team has undertaken 256 visits and responded to 28 urgent referrals regarding pest control.

They worked with independent pest control experts to trace the source to the recycling plant.

Over the weekend, before handing over to NRW, the team supervised the first insecticide treatments of the site and removal of some waste.

The council says its waste team have carried out daily bin collections and have increased patrols of the area as a precaution and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Whilst Natural Resources Wales have now taken over at the source of the infestation, we are continuing to support the communities affected. Although treatment is underway, it may take some time until conditions improve, as such we will continue to monitor the area, carry out daily rubbish collections and cleansing and offer our support to residents.

– Cllr Philip Hughes, executive board member for public protection

We recognise the fly infestation has caused significant problems for people living in the area and our priority is to help tackle the issue following Carmarthenshire County Council’s investigation.

The waste that was causing the issues is currently being removed from site and our officers will be checking the company takes the steps required to minimise the risk of future problems occurring. We are assessing the company’s compliance in relation to their environmental permit and will take further action required to address the problem.

– Paul Gibson, Natural Resources Wales