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Religious education can 'help fight crime', says Police Commissioner

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South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael says that studying religious education can "help fight crime".

He says that some hate crimes are committed because of a lack of understanding of different religions and values. But religious education could help to bridge that gap.

The amount religious hate crime has grown in Wales and England since last year.

A new report by education watchdog Estyn has revealed standards of religious education in Wales are generally good.

Liz Counsell from Estyn says it is very important for schools to help pupils respect and understand different beliefs.

Pupils from St Teilo's Church in Wales High School come from a range of different faiths.

They say they have been learning about subjects including abortion and euthanasia in the religious education classes.

One pupil says, "Part of the reason why people attack people of other religions is that they don't know what they go through."

They hope that in the future, education will lessen hate crime.