'Biggest shark ever' caught by angler off the coast of Pembrokeshire

The monster fish was almost eight foot long

A mammoth 23-stone shark was caught by an angler off the Welsh coast on Tuesday.

The porbeagle shark is thought to be the biggest of its kind ever caught in Welsh waters.

Weighing in at 324lb at eight foot long, the huge fish is from the same family as the Great White.

The shark was caught by angler Matthew Burrett while fishing off the coast of Milford Haven. He reeled it in during a sharking trip but luckily for the shark it was released unharmed back into the ocean.

Phat Cat Charters, the company behind the sharking trip, maintains a strict catch and release policy.

Skipper Craig Deans says it's the biggest he's seen in his 15 year career.

Watch footage of porbeagle sharks swimming in Welsh waters: