Top Civil Servant tells staff to show her evidence to Carl Sargeant inquiry

As the independent QC-led inquiry into the events surrounding Carwyn jones' decision to sack Carl Sargeant gets underway, the Permanent Secretary at the Welsh Government has told civil servants to bring any evidence that they think might be relevant to the attention of her or another senior official.

The barrister in charge of the inquiry, Paul Bowen QC, has invited witnesses to contact his team directly and in confidence. But the Permanent Secretary, Dame Shan Morgan, says the civil service has a role in providing evidence to the inquiry.

We have been clear that as a civil service we will fully co-operate with the work of the Independent QC-led Inquiry, and any evidence held by staff on Welsh Government systems will be collated and transferred to the investigation in its entirety and without redaction.

Spokesperson for Welsh Government Permanent Secretary Shan Morgan

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, says the independence of the whole process has been called into question.

If the inquiry is to be fully independent then all potential evidence should be handed over to the QC leading the investigation, not pre-vetted by the Permanent Secretary or her minions.

Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies AM

Carl Sargeant was found dead last November. He had apparently taken his own life days after he was sacked as a cabinet minister by Carwyn Jones. The First Minister had passed allegations about Mr Sargeant's conduct to the Labour party for investigation.