1. ITV Report

Assembly staff survey finds 37 victims of inappropriate behaviour

About 760 people were eligible to take part in the survey.

  • 60 Assembly Members
  • 250 people who work directly for them
  • 450 who work for the Assembly Commission, which serves all AMs

Only 16.8% -128 people- responded. Bu the Presiding Officer -or Llywydd- Elin Jones and her fellow Assembly Commissioners say they value the views expressed, which will contribute to ongoing work on dignity and respect

We have taken a broad approach to describing what constitutes inappropriate behaviour, which puts the recipient at the heart of our Dignity and Respect policy. It matters less whether others would see it as serious or not. The policy covers all unwanted behaviour – that is, behaviour which is not encouraged or reciprocated by the recipient, regardless of whether it was meant to cause offence, and whether it is repeated or an isolated incident.

The results, nevertheless, make for uncomfortable reading for us as an Assembly Commission and indeed for all Assembly Members. While the majority of participants state that they have never experienced or observed inappropriate behaviour, the results provide a sufficient mandate for radical changes to the way we as individuals and collectively as Wales’ democratic institution perceive inappropriate behaviour, report incidents and provide support for those who have been subjected to and those accused of inappropriate behaviour.

Every single one of us – Assembly Members, support staff, Commission staff and contractors - have a role to play in creating the right culture and environment here at the Welsh parliament. The dignity and respect training being rolled out for Members and staff will help raise awareness, but the day-to-day behaviours we all demonstrate will be the catalyst for change. Every one of us, staff managers and Assembly Members has personal responsibility for making that change happen.

– Assembly Commission