A third of LGBT people hid identity in workplace in 'fear of discrimination'

Stonewall Cymru research reveals serious exclusion and discrimination in workplaces Credit: PA

More than a third of LGBT employees in Wales hid their sexuality in their workplace in the last year in fear of discrimination.

New research from Stonewall Cymru revealed exclusion and discrimination in workplaces.

Stonewall Cymru say workplace bullying continues to be a serious problem for LGBT people.

This includes being the target of derogatory remarks, experiencing bullying and abuse, and being outed without consent.


bisexual people aren’t out to anyone at work.

3 in 10

transexual people have been the target of negative comments/conduct from work colleagues.


of transexual people have hidden their identity because they were afraid of discrimination.

The situation for trans people, disabled LGBT people and LGBT people in lower income households is particularly bad, with all groups facing higher levels of abuse and exclusion in the workplace.

Stonewall Cymru is calling for employers to develop zero-tolerance policies on homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and harassment, alongside communicating clear routes to report anti-LGBT bullying.

The charity is also calling for employers to take an active role in supporting trans staff by running awareness sessions for all employees on trans inclusion and developing policies for staff who transition at work.

Andrew White, Director of Stonewall Cymru, says while a growing number of employers are showing dedication to inclusiveness, more needs to be done:

More and more workplaces in Wales are showing their dedication to their LGBT staff by taking action to become more inclusive. However, our Work Report shows that for some LGBTpeople in Wales, work is a place of abuse and discrimination. The fact that three in ten trans people have faced transphobic behaviour from their own colleagues shows just how much we have to do until everyone can be themselves at work. As well as being the right thing to do, equality is good business sense. If you create an environment where employees don’t have to worry about hiding their identity or put up with persistent abuse, you reap the benefits of a happy, motivated workforce.

Andrew White, Director, Stonewall Cymru

based on YouGov research of 825 lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees across Wales,