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Health body 'disappointed' nearly one fifth of Welsh adults still smoke

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The smoking rate for adults in Wales has not decreased according to the latest figures from the National Survey for Wales.

19% of adults said that they smoked. That is the same figure that was reported in 2017.

The number of adults that 'vape' using e-cigarettes has also stayed the same at 7%, when compared to last year.

The report involved more than 11,000 randomly-selected adults aged 16 and over.

The report includes the following findings:

  • 19% of adults reported they currently smoke.
  • Smoking is more common for men, for those in materially deprived households
  • Smoking is less common among people aged over 75.
  • 7% of people used e-cigarettes.

Public Health Wales said it is 'disappointed' the rate has not reduced.

Whilst we are disappointed that the prevalence of smoking in Wales hasn’t continued the downward trend of recent years, this is somewhat as expected.

The survey data confirms how difficult it is to decrease the numbers of people who smoke.

It also underlines the need for the improvements we have been making, and continue to make, to help people to choose a smoke free future.

Working with our partners, there is a clear focus on helping children and young people to never start smoking, and supporting more smokers to quit, to reduce ill health and significant NHS costs.

– Ashley Gould, Public Health Wales
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The Welsh Government target is to reduce the number of adults smokers to 16% by 2020.

Adults in Wales smoke in 2018
Welsh Government target for the number of adults smokers by 2020
Adults in Wales vape

Andy Glyde from Cancer Research said smoking is a 'deadly habit' and causes at least 14 different type of cancer.

It’s shocking that 3,000 cases of cancer a year in Wales are caused by tobacco.

Far too many people in Wales are still smoking and much more needs to be done to help them quit and to reduce deaths from smoking related cancers.

We know that NHS stop smoking services are the most effective way of helping people to quit smoking.

It’s vital the Welsh Government takes forward its promises in last year’s Tobacco Control Action Plan, to invest in and promote these services.

We’d urge anyone who wants to give up smoking to consider NHS Wales’s Help Me Quit service, which can provide free, effective and tailored support.

– Andy Glyde, Cancer Research

The full report is available here: Welsh Governments’ National Survey for Wales 2017/18