The Ospreys are the first Welsh sports team to back a national anti-smoking campaign.

The rugby club have put their weight behind the campaign by charity ASH Wales for local sport clubs to adopt no smoking policy at their playing fields.Although most Welsh stadiums have become smoke-free zones, many grounds were children train and play have yet follow suit.

The Ospreys in the Community will work with the charity to encourage regional clubs to adopt a no smoking policy with the aim of protecting young players from being influenced to smoke.

The club will promote the initiative at a beach rugby festival in front of 600 kids.

Tobacco and sport just don't mix. Ospreys in the Community aims to harness social good and empower positive life choices. There is no doubt going smokefree is one of the healthiest messages a sporting club can share with its community.

Clive Oliver, Ospreys in the Community

ASH Wales say it's important that children aren't exposed to smoking at a young age.

Research shows young people are highly influenced by others smoking around them. Children with a parent who smokes are 70% more likely to take up the habit and shockingly almost half of long-term smokers begin smoking before leaving high school. We need to do everything we can to ensure that children see less smoke in the world around them and do not take up this deadly habit.

Suzanne Cass, Chief Executive of ASH Wales