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NHS Saved My Life: the baby born weighing just over 1lb

Edith Madoc-Jones is eight days old in this picture Credit: Family photo

Edith Madoc-Jones weighed 580g when she was born at just 23 weeks and four days gestation.

Her mother, Nicola, had gone into hospital three days earlier, showing the early signs of labour. Doctors at the University Hospital of Wales did everything possible to delay the birth, but said the chances of the baby surviving were slim.

It seemed most likely that she wasn't going to survive, we were probably expecting that outcome, but hoping it wasn't going to happen.

– David Madoc-Jones
Edith Madoc-Jones with her dad - around two-and-a-half months old Credit: Family photo

When Edith was born, her eyes were still fused together. She was so tiny there were no nappies small enough to fit her.

She was alive, but just alive... she was slipping away. And as they started to wheel her away the doctor turned to us and said 'the odds are not good' - and then they left the room. It was difficult to see, just from her appearance, how is she ever going to do it, how is she going to pull through.

– Nicola Madoc-Jones
doctors told Edith's parents she had just a 20% chance of survival

Edith was put on a ventilator and given multiple blood transfusions to keep her alive in the early weeks. At ten days old, she developed a lung infection - doctors told Nicola and David they might have to switch off her life support.

'It's my birthday, I'm 116 days old!' - Edith on her due date Credit: Family photo

But remarkably, Edith pulled through. Now almost 17 months old, she is crawling, waving and starting to talk - reaching all the milestones for a child her age.

Nicola says she was 'amazed' by the dedication of the staff on the unit. Edith's middle name, Carmen, was chosen as a tribute to a midwife who helped throughout their stay.

It's been a huge surprise to me just how involved the staff are. You see doctors walking around with frowns because they really care, trying to do their best for these babies. We've sat through the night with nurses just being there for us. To spend four months with people like that - they became our friends, they became our family.

– Nicola Madoc-Jones

Edith and her family received support from The Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity.

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