ITV News Poll: Should Charles be the last Prince of Wales?

Prince of Wales Credit: ITV Wales

This month marks 60 years since Prince Charles became Prince of Wales - the longest serving in history.

The anniversary comes as he ends his summer tour of Wales and after the controversial renaming of the Second Severn Crossing.

To coincide with the anniversary ITV Wales and YouGov have commissioned a rare poll about the future of his title and a possible future investiture.

The Queen & Prince of Wales leaving Caernarfon Castle Credit: PA

When Prince Charles becomes King questions, particularly over a possible investiture, are likely to asked. We do not know when that time will come, so the poll, of over 1000 people, is a snapshot of Welsh public feeling in 2018.

And it seems when it comes to the title, most people want Prince William to have it.

We asked:

"If Prince Charles does become King, what do you think should happen to the title Prince of Wales?"

Most people want Prince William to be the next Prince of Wales Credit: PA

Next year will mark 50 years since the last investiture in Caernarfon.

Back then some wanted to stop it but an estimated 500 million people worldwide watched the occasion on television.

In Caernarfon now there are still mixed views on what should happen.

Paula Morris-Jones runs a hair salon in Caernarfon and remembers the last investiture. She hopes the Gwynedd town will see another one.

Paula hopes the tradition of the Prince of Wales continues Credit: ITV Wales

Owain Williams, a local councillor and leading protester in 1969, hasn't changed his views. He was against an investiture then and says he will be in the future.

Owain Williams is opposed to title and investiture Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

But how do the people of Wales feel?

We asked:

In 1969, a ceremony (known as an investiture) took place in Caernarfon Castle to formally acknowledge Prince Charles as Prince of Wales. If there is another Prince of Wales, which of the following would you prefer?

The last investiture had a worldwide audience of 500 million people Credit: PA

Polling on these issues have been done before, but rarely. In 2009 a survey for the BBC found:

We do not know what official plans have been made for the future, but they are likely to take account of public mood at the time. Some suggest a future investiture would look very different now.

Whatever happens and whenever it happens, history will be made one way or another.