A kayaker stranded nearly a mile out at sea in Porthcawl climbed onto a floating buoy - and then used his mobile to get help.

The man was seen standing on top of a bright yellow buoy surrounded by open water.

He had been out paddling to sea with a friend when they could not get back to shore due to strong currents.

The kayaker decided to climb onto the float and use his mobile phone to call for help.

But when he was on the buoy his kayak floated away.

Lifeboat teams brought the man and his friend to safety.

Credit: RNLI

Whilst he was on the buoy his kayak got swept away by the tide. His friend went after the kayak but then found he was unable to get back against the tide. The Bristol Channel has the second largest tidal range in the world, resulting in fast moving tides and currents.

RNLI spokesperson

You can watch the rescue here:

The RNLI said it was important kayakers and others heading out to sea checked tide times and respected the water.