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Man jailed for life for murdering former partner

Credit: South Wales Police

A man who murdered a woman he had a relationship with has been jailed for life.

On 5 January, John Paul Lewis was drinking at a pub in Briton Ferry, before going to Terrie-Ann Jones' home and stabbing her 26 times.

After this, he returned to the pub to continue drinking before handing himself in at Sandfields Police Station in Port Talbot later that night.

He claimed he was acting in self-defence.

A judge at Swansea Crown Court said Lewis would have to serve a minimum term of 19 years.

Terrie-Ann, or Tan as we affectionately call her, was a loving daughter, sister, auntie and mother to two beautiful children.

She was patient, kind, had a fantastic sense of humour and was quite literally the life and soul of the party.

Everyone that knew her loved her and we cannot tell you how much we are missing her. She had so much to live for and so many things she wanted to do. She has been taken from us far too early.

Her passing has forever changed the lives of her daughter and little boy, who at nine years old doesn’t understand why his mummy isn’t here to play with him anymore.

Something we as a family would like to highlight and think Tan would want us to, is to raise awareness for victims of domestic abuse. Please don’t suffer in silence. There is help out there and people who will listen to you. We plead with anyone, male or female, who has or is currently suffering from any form of domestic abuse please to reach out to someone.

If what happened to Tan can help to prevent further deaths or violence then our Tan’s death won’t have been in vain.

This has been an incredibly difficult process for us. John Paul Lewis has made us relive the horror of what he did to our Tan every day of the trial. He is a dangerous, calculating predator who from day one preyed on our Tan’s caring nature. We are thankful that he will no longer be able to hurt any other person. He has been found guilty of the murder of our Tan and will hopefully spend the rest of his life in prison, which we feel is nothing short of what he deserves.

– Terrie-Ann's family statement

South Wales Police have shared the 999 call John Lewis made to them where he admitted to killing Terrie-Ann:

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Our thoughts as always are with her family, who showed immense strength and dignity throughout the investigation and trial, during which John Lewis was utterly remorseless and arrogant.

This was a brutal and needless attack which rocked the community and impacted on the lives of so many. John Lewis will now spend a significant amount of time in custody as a result of his actions; and I hope this provides some comfort to those closest to Terrie-Ann and allows them to begin rebuilding their lives.

Protecting the vulnerable and tackling domestic abuse are both priorities for South Wales Police and I would urge victims or anyone who suspects domestic abuse – no matter how minor the incident may seem – to report it.

– Detective Sergeant Jason Kingdom, South Wales Police
  • Live Fear Free - All Wales Abuse and Violence Helpline: 0808 8010 800