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Welsh Water advising customers to 'use water wisely' after recent long spells of dry weather

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Welsh Water is encouraging its three million customers to continue 'using water wisely' - even though it may soon start to rain.

It says that after the recent prolonged dry weather, it will be difficult for any rain to penetrate the ground and help restore reservoir levels.

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The company is currently safeguarding water supplies following the recent hot and dry weather.

It confirmed that a few of the company's 87 reservoirs are now lower than usual at time of the year, and that this was expected due to the recent weather conditions.

Welsh Water also said that it will take time for the reservoirs to recover to their normal levels, despite the expected rain over the next week.

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It’s really important that our customers continue to work with us during this period. If they spot a leak, please let us know.

We’re also asking them to think about how much water they are using.

We want everyone to stay safe and drink water while it’s hot but we’re reminding everyone of the need to use water wisely and efficiently.

Even if the weather starts to turn and it rains, it’s important that customers continue to work with us and use any water efficiently.

– Ian Christie, Managing Director of Water Services

Welsh Water says that it's teams are out and about working around the clock fixing leaks on the network to make sure as much water as possible is available for customers to use.

Welsh Water are also offering advice on how to save water around the home and garden on their website.