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Hollywood star Taron Egerton stuns audience with rendition of Calon Lân on American chat show

Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Fallon

Taron Egerton may be one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but he has not forgotten his Welsh roots.

The Welsh actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film Robin Hood alongside Jamie Foxx and stunned the crowd when he belted out the famous Welsh hymn Calon Lân mid-interview.

When he was working on Robin Hood, the boy can absolutely sing.

I mean like no really listen - I try and hold that space and I heard this dude sing and I was like 'who is this in my lane?'

We were in a church and I think it was Croatia and he started singing something - what was that you were singing?

– Jamie Foxx

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Taron joked he 'couldn't remember' what song it was and that he had lost his voice saying 'this was not on the agenda'.

The crowd then egged him on to give them a rendition.

Co-star Jamie Foxx was clearly surprised at how well Taron could sing Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Fallon

He considers himself Welsh 'through and through' after growing up in Llanfaripwll on Anglesey where he went to primary school and later moved to Aberystwyth. He is also a Welsh speaker.

Credit: PA Images

Taron has appeared in blockbusters such as The Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle.

His upcoming film Robin Hood is due for release in November.