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Housing association upskills the homeless

Credit: ITV Wales

A housing association in Wales has gone one step further by not only finding vulnerable people somewhere to live, but also finding them work.

Cadwyn Housing Association have given hundreds of tenants a helping hand to improve their skills, self-confidence and employability.

The volunteers give 300 hours of their time each and every week. Credit: ITV News Wales

Nu Life is a project set up by the Cadwyn Housing Association.

It was initially set up as a response to the amount of people who were being housed without any furniture.

But thanks to a team of volunteers working in their purpose built workshop - the organisation now up-cycle broken, unwanted furniture, which they then sell on to the public.

The furniture repaired at Nu Life is sold for profit with the money going back into the Housing Association. Credit: ITV News Wales

It's aimed at teaching tenants carpentry skills, but the friendships are a big part of what keeps them coming back.

At the moment, I've got some personal issues going on - my mother's in hospital. But we talk about things in here, there's a support network here basically. If I need anything I know I just need to ask the manager. It is a good place like that, it's very easy going but obviously we all have our serious side.

– Julian Stock, Volunteer

Here's more from Nu Life's members: