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Charlotte Church wants to open her own school in Wales

Charlotte Church wants to start her own school. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images

Charlotte Church says she wants to start her own school in South Wales near Cardiff.

The Welsh singer says the current education system stifles pupils' enthusiasm and creativity. She wants to offer an alternative that would be “free, with creative teachers, and a healthy disregard for rules and specifications.”

She has asked people on Twitter for support in her venture.

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In a blog about education, Ms Church says the system is no longer fit for purpose and we should not be afraid to try and change it.

Speak to most parents and there will be a general consensus: the way we teach our children is at best imperfect, at worst damaging. Many parents see their kids getting stressed to tears revising for exams of indiscernible purpose, coming home from school tired and uninspired.

– Charlotte Church

Church herself went to Howell's School, an independent girls school in the Llandaff area of Cardiff.

But she says she would not want her school to be fee paying.

Many people have already responded to Church’s appeal offering help or expertise.

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However, Suzy Davies, AM for South Wales West, says it would not be possible for a school like the one Church is proposing to exist in Wales.

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The Welsh Government say there are already big changes on the horizon for education.

We welcome Charlotte Church’s passion and enthusiasm. We’ve been very honest about the different challenges we face and that’s why we have embarked upon an ambitious national mission for education. This includes a wide-ranging and transformational new curriculum, already being developed by schools and teachers across Wales, and the emphasis is all about ensuring that our learners can evolve into enterprising, creative and critical thinkers.

“It’s always good to have different ideas and debate but we believe that our national mission will help us to raise standards, reduce the attainment gap and deliver an education system that is a source of national pride and confidence.

– Welsh Government spokesperson