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Man spared jail after stealing grandad's life savings to pay for girlfriend's breast enhancement surgery

A man from Rogerstone has been spared jail after stealing his grandfather's life savings to pay for breast augmentation surgery for his girlfriend.

Luke Quatrini, 35, spent £1,500 from the 92-year-old's funeral fund.

A court heard Quatrini's grandfather, Clifford Bartlett had started saving up after he began suffering with ill health so his family would not have to pay the costs of his funeral.

But Clifford's family began stealing from his savings, leaving him unable to pay for his care home costs.

As well as stealing money for his girlfriend's surgery, Quatrini paid for flights to Spain, £100 worth of clothes and even a portable toilet.

Quatrini's dad, Vincent Quatrini, 74, spent £338.84 on car insurance using his father-in-law's account details.

Quatrini's brother, Richard Quatrini, 31, posed as his grandfather over the phone to "authorise" the insurance payment, as well as spending £13.59 of his money to buy DVDs.

Prosecutor Emma Harris said Clifford had trusted Vincent Quatrini with his account details so he could pay for his expenditures while he was in and out of hospital.

The word Mr Bartlett used was 'devastation' in terms of the impact on the end of his days.

He deteriorated in health due to the police involvement and passed away in December of last year.

He was a vulnerable man.

– Emma Harris, Prosecutor

Vincent and Richard Quatrini pleaded guilty to fraud.

Luke Quatrini denied his involvement. He said Clifford said: "No problem at all" when asked if he could pay a deposit for the cosmetic surgery.

But a jury at Newport Crown Court found him guilty of five counts of fraud.

These were mean offences.

Mr Bartlett was a close relative of yours. He had been saving for his own funeral to save his family the expenses for when he died.

The three of you should be ashamed by what you did.

– Ifan Wyn Lloyd Jones, Judge

Luke Quatrini's defending barrister Huw Davies said prison would mean he lost his job and his family home despite having a "very good income" of £30,000 as an electrician for the national grid.

He has been sentenced to six months in jail suspended for one year and has been ordered to pay a £2,000 contribution to prosecution costs, complete 250 hours of unpaid work.

Vincent Quatrini, and Richard Quatrini, both from Newport, were sentenced to three months in jail suspended for one year and ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.