Cocaine deaths in Wales highest on record

Cocaine Credit: PA

Drug related deaths from cocaine are on the rise in Wales, with the number now at its highest since records began in 1993.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics for 2017 show there were 23 deaths from the drug compared to 15 the year before.

The last decade has seen a 187.5% rise in deaths from the drug in Wales.

This news comes after senior politicians and police officers said the rise in cocaine use was contributing to the rise in violent crime in cities like London.

The figures published today show that the level of drug poisoning deaths in 2017 remained stable.

However, despite deaths from most opiates declining or remaining steady, deaths from fentanyl continued to rise, as did cocaine deaths.

– Ellie Osborn, Health Analysis Statistician, Office for National Statistics

Overall the number of deaths from all drugs in Wales has decreased year on year but remains the second highest on record at 260.