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GPs who quit jobs because of chronic migraines call on Welsh Government for more support

Dr Jackie Morgan and Dr Anna Maclean could not continue working because of chronic migraines.

Two GPs forced to give up their jobs because of chronic migraines have said the Welsh Government must do more to help sufferers. Dr Anna Maclean and Dr Jackie Morgan quit work because their symptoms made it unsafe to continue. They told ITV Wales that long waiting lists and a lack of support is making the situation worse for migraine sufferers.

Both women are keeping diaries of their symptoms to help other GPs understand the signs of chronic migraine. Anna described being "almost not there" for hours at a time, she says Wales is seriously lacking in resources.

"It’s terribly isolating and there are no support groups, charities - anything in Wales - for somebody to ring."

"We really, really need some resources and back-up to help us manage the day to day symptoms."

– Dr Anna Maclean
Anna says her symptoms stop her making decisions and alter her speech.

Anna is now one of 800 people on a new drug trial to try and combat the symptoms of chronic migraines.

The women also pointed to waiting lists as an issue that needed to be dealt with in Wales. Jackie told ITV Wales that it could be "months" before seeing a specialist.

"There is a headache specialist in Wales but the waiting list is very long, to wait for him if you’re struggling you’re months and months off work before you get there."

– Dr Jackie Morgan

In response to the calls, a Welsh Government spokesperson said they "recognise the debilitating effect chronic migraine has on people's lives".

"We expect people who have neurological conditions including chronic migraine to have access to high quality care services".

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