Fires in Cwmcarn Forest over the last month have destroyed years of restoration work. Natural Resources Wales have said wildfires on Twmbarlwm have burnt down tens of thousands of newly planted trees - undoing investment in the area.

Large areas of the woodland have been replanted over the last two years after thousands of trees were felled to stop the spread of larch disease. The fires which started on 13 July ravaged up to 250 hectares of woodland, roughly the size of 250 rugby pitches.

Broadleaf and conifer species were replanted. Credit: Natural Resources Wales

The fires have now been extinguished and Natural Resources Wales are looking at how to restore the affected areas.

“Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in replanting felled areas with broadleaf and conifer trees to restore the woodland. That work has now been undone.

Steve Morgan, Natural Resources Wales
Fire and police services worked to extinguish the fires over three weeks. Credit: Natural Resources Wales

Twmbarlwm remains closed as footpaths and bike trails undergo safety inspections before reopening.