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European funding will help restore 'at risk' dune sites

Natural Resources Wales will use the funding on the most at risk sites. Credit: PA

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have been given £4 million of European funding to save at risk sand dunes.

A conservation and restoration project is taking place across nearly 25km squared of sand dunes - the equivalent of 2500 rugby pitches. Wildlife numbers in these areas have declined in recent years, with thick vegetation stifling the growth and movement of dunes.

Dunes becoming more stable has limited the dynamic habitat where wildlife grows. Credit: PA

The new funding will help NRW "re-mobilise" dunes - preventing the areas from becoming too stable and stifling habitats. Trials at Kenfig, Merthryr Mawr, and Newborough Warren have already shown signs of success.

Natural Resources Wales' Chief Executive, Clare Pillman hopes more rare species will start making a comeback.

We’re really excited about this fantastic project to save our dunes and the rare species which live there.

The work will also give more people the opportunity to learn about our fascinating wildlife.

Dunes are not only a backdrop to a day at the seaside – they are home to some of our rarest species and are in desperate need of help.

– Clare Pillman

A total of 10 areas will benefit from the funding, including Kenfig and Merthyr Mawr Dunes, Carmarthen Bay Dunes, the dunes between Abermenai and Aberffraw on Anglesey, as well as Morfa Harlech, and Morfa Dyffryn in Gwynedd.