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Mother from Wrexham fears her daughter is 'scarred for life' by a pair of children's earrings

Indee Ross had several days of tests in hospital.

A mother from Wrexham believes her daughter has been 'scarred for life' by a pair of earrings.

Jemma Ross claims two-year old Indee suffered the injuries after wearing a pair of children's studs from jewellery chain Claire's. She told ITV Wales she discovered white sores on Indee's ears after several days and immediately took her to the hospital.

"Consultants, the doctors, my doctors surgery, the walk in centre - nobody knew what this was to start off with".

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Indee wore the earrings for several days.

After days of tests, Jemma said doctors told her it was chemical burns from the metal earrings.

"When we saw the doctor on the children's ward, it was only then that he brought it to our attention - this actually looks like a chemical burn".

She now wants to warn other mothers about the dangers of children's fashion jewellery. Jemma told ITV Wales, "I'm so mad right now, I'm just gutted that she's had to go through this. We just want to find out why this has happened and hopefully prevent it happening to anyone else".

In a statement, Claire's said customer safety was "of paramount importance".

We take all matters of this nature very seriously. We have tried numerous times to contact the customer and left messages for her to contact us to resolve this matter. All our products are tested for compliance against the relevant legal and safety requirements before being placed on the market. The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us.

– Claire's spokesperson