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The National Farmers' Union say Government measures are not working

The National Farmer's Union say the disease is causing farmers Credit: PA

The number of animals slaughtered to prevent the spread of Bovine TB has increased 3% but incidents of the disease are still rising.

Latest figures on the spread of TB have led to calls for "urgent action" from the Welsh Government. More animals were slaughtered this year to stop the spread of the disease - but new incidents increased 10%.

The National Farmers' Union Cymru says the statistics "clearly illustrate that the measures currently in place to eradicate this disease are not working".

Bovine TB is an infectious disease that can be passed on from badgers, last year a refreshed TB Eradication Programme was brought in by the Government.

Pembrokeshire saw a 24% increase in the number of cattle slaughtered.

The county of Pembrokeshire was particularly affected over the last year, 3387 cattle were slaughtered to stop the spread of TB - an increase of 24% from the year before.

Jeff Evans is NFU Cymru Country Chairman for Pembrokeshire, he says "too many farming families in this area continue to struggle under the enormous emotional and financial strain caused by Bovine TB".

I cannot stress enough the importance of Welsh Government moving forward with a truly comprehensive approach to TB eradication, we cannot be here again in twelve months’ time talking about this scale of loss of productive cattle from the county.

– Jeff Evans, NFU Cymru
10,119 cattle that have been slaughtered in Wales due to Bovine TB in the last 12 months. Credit: PA

The Welsh Government has responded to the criticism, saying “it is important to take caution when observing short term trends in TB statistics. We need to allow time for any impacts to take effect before we draw any meaningful conclusions".