The spectacular sunflower field in Rhossili that's seen people flocking to take selfies

Credit: Twitter: Steve Liddiard

The National Trust say a sunflower field in Rhossili, Gower has seen a spike in people visiting there to take photographs and selfies.

Around 400,000 sunflowers were planted there near the iconic worms head at Rhossili in an attempt to grow and harvest bird seed.

The conservation organisation says the remainder of the plants help to feed birds throughout the winter, during their most hungry season, with sunflower seeds being a favourite among finches.

Credit: Flickr: Taracy

The recent hot, dry weather, thanks to the heatwave we've had, has had a hand in helping the sunflowers grow.

The National Trust says that this year's sunflower crop has been very productive - thanks to the weather.

It also says that the very changeable weather conditions we're experiencing currently should help to increase the sunflowers' flowering time.

Here are some more of your sunflower pictures:

Credit: Flickr: Edyta Rice
Credit: Flickr: Gareth Lovering
Credit: Flickr: Alan Greest
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Credit: Flickr: Micky
Jason captured a sunset picture of a very similar field in Pembrokeshire. Credit: Twitter: Jason Davies