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Majority of school children will end up doing jobs not yet invented

Artificial intelligence is changing everything from our healthcare, to how we shop, how we drive to how we work.

It's estimated that 65% of children in school today will be doing jobs that haven't been invented yet. According to a new report from the National Assembly's Skills Committee artificial intelligence and automation will dominate the workplace for the next 40 years and it's vital that Wales is at the forefront by inventing new technologies and not just using them.

It's estimated that 65% of children in school today will be doing jobs that haven't been invented yet Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

"Wales has got to focus on what it is good at. We know that we are leading the way in terms of health, insurance and the semi conductor industry and these are areas that we have to concentrate on, what we do"

– Russell George AM, Committee chairman

This 4th industrial revolution presents an opportunity and a challenge for Wales to be the inventors of the new technologies and the innovators - not just consumers or users.

Swansea University's Engineering Department is at the forefront of this change. It's developing robots and artificial intelligence which could be applied to helping an ageing population live independently at home for longer.

Technology offers many opportunities Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

"It is an opportunity but only if we stay with it and invest. Even in countries like Germany less than 10% of its investment goes into industries 4.0 - the industries of future like Robotics an Automation with Data. So we have an opportunity to specialise in what we are good at and Wales can be a world leader really quickly"

– Professor Johann Sienz, Swansea University
Wales has an opportunity to be a world leader Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

But there are fears over jobs. AI and robotics will replace some roles - there'll be a shift in the balance from low skilled jobs to higher skills - and some work may disappear altogether .

Skills Committee member Joyce Watson AM says cleaning, basic computing, shelf filling, will all change and Wales needs to make sure people who may already be struggling are not displaced.

And there's the challenge. Wales needs to prepare for change now or risk being left behind as the technology and our competitors march on.