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Drivers urged to check vehicle height after 'eight bridge strikes in seven days'

Bute Street bridge in Cardiff. Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail in Wales and Borders is urging HGV drivers to check the height of their vehicles after eight bridge strikes - when a lorry that's too big hits a bridge – in just seven days.

It says since April 2017, there have been 128 bridge strikes in Wales and Borders, causing 8,809 minutes of delay to passengers and costing the taxpayer thousands in damages and delays.

bridge strikes in Wales sine April 2017.
A bridge strike in Pontypridd. Credit: Network Rail

We work closely with our train operating partners to get passengers on the move as quickly and safely as possible when a bridge strike does occur, but we need HGV drivers to help us make bridge strikes a thing of the past.

Around 1,800 vehicles crash into rail bridges across the UK every year. We’re encouraging drivers to wise up and size up their vehicles and plan their route before every journey.

– Alison Thompson, chief operating officer for Network Rail in Wales and the Borders

To combat bridge strikes, Network Rail has recently launched its 'Lorries can't limbo' campaign aimed at professional HGV drivers and others who drive high-sided vehicles.