Gaming addict lost Welsh accent after only communicating with internationals online

A gaming addict has spoken out about the isolation he found himself in after playing video games for up to 21 hours a day.

Jamie Callis' life was taken over by console games and told ITV News he had no friends, became distant from his family he was unable to confide in them about his problem.

Jamie said he would stay up late, go to bed and then wake up an hour later to play some more.

He said he would stay up until four in the morning speaking to Americans and Canadians, which later he discovered affected his accent.

An ITV News investigation recently revealed parents and psychologists have warned of a technology addiction crisis in the UK, with one mother speaking of how her teenage son "simply stopped functioning" because of his obsession with video games.

Help for gaming addicts is available on the Welsh NHS - but it depends on the level of clinical need and what impact the behaviour is having on a person's mental health.

Jamie said anyone who thinks they are addicted to seek medical help.

People are using these video games for things like escapism to basically ignore the real world. When you're doing that you don't really associate it as being a problem - you see it as a tool that's helping. In reality it's something that's having a really negative effect on their lives so they should be going to a GP or psychologist.

Jamie Callis