'Epic' new attractions at Wales's biggest castle

Credit: Karl McCarthy

Two new family attractions - Gilbert's Maze and the Dragons' Lair - will today be unveiled at Caerphilly Castle, marking the completion of a project aiming to transform the site into a major UK tourist destination.

Designed as part of Cadw's Castles Alive! campaign, the new attractions are part of a wider £9.5m Welsh Government investment over the next three years, which intends to enhance the visitor experience at historic sites across Wales.

The new attractions include:

  • An interactive maze, designed by the creatives behind attractions at The London Dungeon, Warwick Castle and Madame Tussauds

  • A Dragons' Lair with audio-visual effects.

After months of restoration and training a team in medieval warfare, visitors can soon expect to see shows where 12th century-inspired Siege Engines will catapult ammunition above the castle grounds, travelling 150ft across the s medieval backdrop into the surrounding moat.