A dog that fell 150 metres down a cliff but survived without a scratch has been described as 'the luckiest dog in the world' by the coastguard team that rescued her.

Tom and Dorian Sullivan were walking their Border Collie Tyra in Gower when she fell off the edge of a cliff.

They called the coastguard but Tom, 77, said he was sure Tyra would have been killed by the fall.

We were walking our dog Tyra across the cliffs in Pennard when we approached Heatherslade, our collie lost her balance and fell over the cliff.

Tyra's owner, Tom Sullivan

Mumbles, Oxwich and Rhossili coastguard rescue teams worked together to reach the dog.

Mumbles Coastguard cliff rescue tweeted a video of the moment when they found Tyra safe and well at the foot of the cliff.

Tom Sullivan said he was very grateful to all the coastguards who were involved.

The crews brought her back up the cliff in a sealed bag, assisted by the abseiler, they were very efficient and professional.

Tyra's owner, Tom Sullivan