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The video of a Welsh dad and his kids that has taken the internet by storm

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times.

A dad from Conwy has been left shocked after a video of him and his children singing went viral.

Huw Williams, 45, uploaded the video of him and his children Osian, 7, and Seren 5.

The video shows the family singing Yma o Hyd by Welsh folk singer Dafydd Iwan.

Since it was recorded on Friday, the video has been watched over 200,000.

According to Huw, who works as a maintenance manager at a hotel, he believes it is because the video is so genuine that it has done so well.

It wasn't meant to do this! We didn't put it on to do this. We only put it on Facebook because Osian wanted to show his friends. It is something I had promised to do with them for ages and ages. Osian thinks it is amazing and that he will be famous and rich!"

– Huw Williams

The songs of Dafydd Iwan are close to Huw's heart as they were a favourite of his dads before he died.

"My dad passed away six years ago and he (Dafydd Iwan) came along and performed as part of a charity event. I think we raised about £5,000.

"Now I have the kids I can't play music loud in the house so the car is when I can sing and the kids join in.'

The response has been so big that Huw says people have been asking for follow ups.

"A few people have been asking for another," he said.

"We might wait a few months and then do a Christmas one!"