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Dumped rabbit found near Knighton

Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a rabbit - believed to have been abandoned- was found near Knighton in Powys.

The cream-coloured rabbit, nicknamed Ralph, was found in the parking area of Kinsley Wood on Saturday 1 September at around 3.30pm.

Credit: RSPCA

We believe this poor rabbit may have been dumped as the nearest houses are around one to two miles away and the rabbit was found straying in the parking area.

Luckily the rabbit wasn’t injured and has been placed into RSPCA care.

He’s been nicknamed Ralph and apart from being slightly underweight he has no obvious health concerns.

We will never truly know why people abandon animals. Our experience tells us that it could be down to a number of reasons, for example when owners are unable to cope whether that be with an animal’s behaviour, the costs of keeping the pet or other things in their life take over they opt to dump them.

– RSPCA inspector Rachael Davies