Historic Deeside industrial building on endangered list

The building is 'subject to regular break-ins and vandalism'. Credit: Flintshire County Council

The Shotton Steelworks offices, the John Summers Building, has ben put on the list of the 10 most endangered buildings by the Victorian Society

It was built in 1907. Credit: Flintshire County Council

It was built by architect James France, a follower of the Manchester Edwardian school, in terracotta and red brick. The Victorian Society says it encapsulates the proud industrial heritage of the area.

An interior staircase. Credit: Flintshire County Council

But its highly industrial location has made its reuse complicated and thus-far unsuccessful. The Society says, to make matters worse, the building is subject to regular break-ins and vandalism and is now in a poor state of repair.

The list aims to expose the plight of Victorian and Edwardian buildings at risk. Credit: Flintshire County Council