UKIP AM quits party claiming she was 'shouted at to shut up' and had 'glasses thrown' at her

UKIP have lost another member in the Senedd with Caroline Jones the latest to quit the party. In a parting shot she claims to have been treated "unfavourably" because she's a woman. During her time as leader she says a fellow AM "shouted at her to shut up" and "threw a pair of reading glasses" at her. She refused to reveal names but said it "had built up over time."

I could not understand this unfavourable treatment towards me. I stand for equality and want to be treated on an equal basis ...I want to encourage more women into politics and if I don't make a stand now on this principle then it's never going to come out.

– Caroline Jones AM

Ms Jones ousted Neil Hamilton as leader of the UKIP group before an election of party members installed Gareth Bennett as leader. That election was called by UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP and Ms Jones questioned this decision claiming it was "unfair."

In response to Caroline Jones' move Gerard Batten said she was "politically ineffective."

I have brought the party back from financial meltdown, raised funds, raised membership numbers, and raised UKIP in the polls. Ms Jones has contributed nothing that I am aware of.

Her statement is politically correct twaddle to disguise the fact that Mrs Jones is politically ineffective. I wish her well languishing in the outer realms of irrelevance.

– Gerard Batten MEP

Nathan Gill, Mark Reckless and Mandy Jones all left the UKIP group amid infighting with regular political turmoil a feature of the party's presence in the Senedd since winning 6 seats during the 2016 Assembly election.

Caroline Jones says she'll now sit as an independent and ruled out returning to the Conservative party - where she once stood as a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate.