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Arriva Trains Wales changes policy following backlash over taking cash fee from customers' lost wallets

Credit: ITV Wales

Train operator Arriva Trains Wales has been forced to make a u-turn and will be undertaking a review on a policy which charges customers who have lost items on their trains.

It comes after passenger Adam Howells tweeted to say his wallet was found by the train operator but was told he had to pay a 10% fee for the money it contained in order to get it back.

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The operator said it charges a release fee which varies depending on the item lost and they will be waiving this cost to the customer.

If the item contains money, 10% of the value up to £10 is added. ITV News understands this administration fee will still apply.

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Other charges including £25 for camcorders and laptops and £3 for items such as rucksacks and suitcases will also still apply. But Arriva added they will be reviewing this with customer groups and rail industry regulatory bodies.

It also re-iterated the money recovered goes towards supporting the cost of administrating the lost property service.

Our customers feedback is really important to us and following recent feedback on this issue we will now be changing our policy with immediate effect.

In this instance we are happy to refund the percentage that was charged to the customer who brought this to our attention. We are happy to begin the process of reviewing the Lost Property policy with customer groups and rail industry regulatory bodies.

Tens of thousands of items are lost on the railway network every year. At Arriva Trains Wales, we charge the minimum amount possible and have done since the franchise began. In addition any unclaimed items that we receive are donated to charity or are recycled appropriately. It must be noted that our lost property service is a non-profit making service and all charges are used to support the cost of administrating the service.

– Arriva Trains Wales spokesperson

Arriva Trains Wales will no longer run the rail franchise in Wales from October when a new company under the banner of Transport for Wales takes over. They have said they will not impose the similar charges.