Report warns of 'significant' violence at Parc Prison in Bridgend

Credit: ITV Wales

A report into Parc Prison in Bridgend has found 'significant' levels of violence at the facility.

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) report expressed concerns over the number of violent incidents recorded at the Category B men's prison.

The prison, which is managed by G4S, is the only privately managed in Wales.

The Board found a 'disproportionate' percentage of the violence took place within the Young Persons Unit.

They said, 'one factor which exacerbates this is the ever changing population of challenging young people, many from further afield than the local catchment area.'

The report also found high levels of substance misuse at the prison, with the influx of the drug spice posing a 'continual and intractable challenge.'

Demand for mental health services was found to be high with significant levels of self-harm. It identified a lack of 'provision of secondary psychiatric care for over 65s, of which there is a growing population in Parc.'

But staff were praised with the prison described as well managed. Safety of prisoners was also seen to be given 'paramount importance.'

G4S said the report highlighted progress in the education and learning programmes within the prison. They added a special programme for prisoners is being used to help reduce violence.