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Gold bag destined for the bin is actually worth thousands of pounds

The bag with Auctioneer Jane Williams

A bag destined for the bin was revealed to be made of gold and worth thousands of pounds.

The bag had been languishing in the garage of 61-year-old Linda Pritchard in Denbigh after it was inherited by her sister, Margaret, from a man she used to help care for.

The sisters were ready to bin the bag until they asked an optician to check for a hallmark. It was then they discovered it was worth a small fortune.

The bag is made of 15 carat American gold

The 105-year-old art deco evening bag is made entirely out of gold. It is now expected to sell for more than 3,000.

The bag lay forgotten in Linda's garage until the pair decided to sort through it and clear away some of the clutter.

'We came across the bad and I just thought we would never use this,' Margaret said.

'So I said to Linda to get rid'

While Margaret thought the bag was junk, her sister Linda wasn't so sure.

'I wondered why Mr Jones would keep this,' Linda said.

'I haven't got very good eyesight so I took it down to my optician. He told me it was 15 carat American gold.'

The chainmail bag is an art deco piece by Emanuel Joseph, dated to 1913. It is now due to be sold with an estimate of £3,500 - £3,800