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Theresa May like Hitler appeaser Chamberlain, claims UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton

Credit: PA

UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton has likened Theresa May to those who appeased Hitler before the Second World War.

Hamilton said the Prime Minister had chosen 'the path of Neville Chamberlain', the day after her attempts to do a Brexit deal with the EU stalled in Salzburg.

The Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales said the UK's political establishment had once been 'optimistic' and created the British Empire, but is now suffocated by a 'miasma of political correctness'.

The Conservative Party has had leaders like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, and now they have Theresa May, who has chosen the path of Neville Chamberlain instead.

– Neil Hamilton AM

Hamilton added that UKIP had a continuing role to play over Brexit, saying: "We are fighting the battle not just for Britain and Brexit but also for the post-Brexit Britain."

In a speech on Friday afternoon, Theresa May said the UK and the EU are "at an impasse" in the Brexit negotiations following the bloc's rebuffal of her Chequers plan.