Jeremy Corbyn pays tribute to Carwyn Jones as Labour conference begins

Carwyn Jones watching on as Jeremy Corbyn speaks at Labour's Welsh night event

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been paying tribute to Carwyn Jones at what is the First Minister's final UK party conference.

The conference in Liverpool is dominated by talk about preparations for an early General Election as well as considerable debate and division over party rule changes, Labour's stance on Brexit and in particular whether or not it should campaign for a new referendum.

But for party members from Wales it's also a time to say goodbye to Carwyn Jones and to talk to the three people who are hoping to take over from him.

He hasn't formally resigned as Welsh Labour leader yet but is expected to do so in the coming days. That will trigger a leadership election which will result in a new leader being in place by the beginning of December. Barring an unlikely political crisis that person will also become First Minister.

The first of several send-offs came at the regular Welsh Night event at conference where a film of highlights from his career as minister and First Minister was played. There were tributes too from senior Welsh MPs and from the party's UK leader.

I spoke to Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the conference. You'll be able to see the interview in full in Monday's Sharp End but in it he had fulsome praise for Carwyn Jones:

I hope Carwyn will be remembered - but he's not giving up and going away, he's going to be doing lots of things in the future - as somebody who tried to bring as much strength as he could to government in Wales but also the work he's been doing in housing, the work he's been doing in education and the work he's been doing in reframing a lot of the Welsh Government's budget over the last two years to put more money into health and healthcare.

– Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour leader

The two men haven't always been close but have developed a mutual respect over the last 18 months. Carwyn Jones returned the praise and said that he expected Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister within months.

I wonder if that qualification by the Labour leader - 'he's going to doing lots of things in the future' - is a hint about what might lie ahead for Carwyn Jones?

As a former First Minister he could expect to be offered a peerage. He's never said whether or not he'd accept one. If he did, there could yet be another phase in Carwyn Jones' political career.