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First Minister makes conference farewell - and says PM should go too

Carwyn Jones is expected to resign shortly as Welsh Labour leader, triggering a party election that will lead to the appointment of a new First Minister. Credit: ITV News

Carwyn Jones can expect an affectionate reception when he addresses the Labour conference in Liverpool.

He's about to step down as the head of the only Labour government anywhere in Britain.

Delegates are likely to cheer him when he says that Theresa May and her Government should go too because of "incompetence" over Brexit.

The First Minister will make it clear that he's not gone yet, announcing a further £6 million from the Welsh Government's EU Transition Fund to support workers at Ford in Bridgend and at Toyota and Airbus in Flintshire.

All three are major employers heavily dependent on trade with Europe. The money will be spent on additional training.

Brexit is quite rightly the dominant issue of the day. The looming prospect of a catastrophic No Deal outcome is down to one thing: the paralysis and incompetence of this Tory Government.

The Chequers White Paper might have been a viable starting position for negotiations if it had been launched two years ago, before Theresa May sent the Article 50 letter. Not with only weeks of negotiating time left.

If Brexit leaves the country poorer, isolated internationally and more divided at home, let’s lay the blame where it belongs: first, the Brexiteers who told us it would be easy to have a better deal outside the EU than within it - ‘the easiest negotiation ever’ - and second a Government which has failed this country monumentally.

It is time for them to go. Wales cannot afford a No Deal Brexit.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Carwyn Jones will add that it is his "first duty as First Minister" to do all he can to oppose No Deal, which he'll say would put Welsh industry at risk of "carnage".

He'll also say that the £6 million for three Welsh businesses is because he must prepare Wales for every outcome.