South Wales Police have responded to a post circulating on social media of one of their vehicles parked in a disabled bay at a McDonald's restaurant saying officers were in the middle of taking a vulnerable woman to hospital.

A member of the public posted a photograph criticising the officers for parking in the disabled bay and allegedly jumping the queue in the fast food restaurant in Merthyr Tydfil.

But, the force has since explained that officers had attended a call relating to a vulnerable woman who was on a bridge on the Heads of the Valleys Road.

Once the incident had been resolved, the woman was being taken to hospital and asked for a hot drink to warm up.

The woman had been in cold conditions for a long time, and so en route to the hospital she requested a hot drink to warm up and officers took her to McDonald’s.

South Wales Police

While some criticised the police for using the disabled bay, others have commended the officers for bringing the woman to safety.

I am disabled and I would have given that space up for them as they had done a wonderful job.

Lynne Price Haskins

I was taken ill a few weeks back with 3 young kids while driving and the police officer in Brynmawr did the same for my children as it was early. Bought them breakfast sweets drinks out of his own money can't thank them enough so think the person who said this should be embarrassed as you never know when you might need the same help

Kathryn Smythe

I'm not knocking the officers for what they did, because they obviously helped that vulnerable woman and that's great, but I can understand people's frustrations... that if a member of the public had done the same to help a vulnerable person they would have a fine and have to pay it.

Rebecca Shanklyn

I'm still trying to work out why the police need to justify where they were parked. As from what I can gather the lady who was with the officers was classed as vulnerable therefore entitled to use the space.

Emma-Louise Watson