A former paratrooper from Swansea is helping raise money for a charity that supports people in the armed forces by walking the entire coastline of the UK.

Christian Martin Lewis struggled to adjust to civilian life after leaving the army a decade ago. As a single parent, he credits the charity SSAFA for helping him keep his head above water and at one stage helping him out of homelessness.

Wanting to give something back, and with his daughter having left home for college, Christian was inspired by the Welsh coastline.

'I lived on the Gower and it's a beautiful coastline,' Christian said.

'My inspiration for doing the coast came from Wales. It was the perfect place to start.'

Credit: ITV Wales

Now a year into his journey there have been some hard times. Walking in Scotland in Winter has been particularly challenging.

'There's been mornings when I've woken up and I couldn't feel my hands but we've had to move because if we didn't we'd run out of rations.'

Christian relies on donations for food and water Credit: ITV Wales

Christian relies on the support of the public for food and water along the way. It's the kindest of strangers that keeps him going.

''The amount of support and respect I've been shown drives me so all the challenges that I overcome, it's not hard for me to do it''

Jet never leaves Christian's side Credit: ITV Wales

It can get lonely on the road but as Christian walked the Scottish coastline he found a companion in Jet the dog. Now she never leaves his side.

'She had been a working dog and I'd heard about her and I saw her and just fell in love with her.

'She's my companion, she's doing the whole thing with me and she's as much a part of this as I am. She's absolutely brilliant.'

His efforts so far have helped Christian raise nearly £50,000 for the charity but his aim is to get to £100,000.

In recognition for his fundraising Christian has been nominated for 'ITV Fundraiser of the Year' by The Pride of Britain Awards.

The awards honours individuals who’ve really made a difference to others through their creative or tireless fundraising efforts.

Nominees are first considered in the ITV Regional News round of selection. Each regional winner then goes on to attend the star-studded Pride of Britain Awards in London, where an overall winner is crowned UK Fundraiser 2018.