Roshan prepares to run Cardiff Half Marathon less than a year after major heart surgery

Roshan Khan training in Cardiff

Thousands of runners will take to the streets of the capital this Sunday for the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Among them will be Roshan Khan, from Cardiff.

Following the death of his wife three years ago, and a quadruple heart bypass last November, he's determined to cross the line, raising money for cardiac services.

Three years ago, my wife passed away, after battling for five years with breast cancer. And that really destroyed me, devastated, and having lost her, I couldn't find any kind of focus or purpose after that.

It was a shock to me when I found, I was walking one day and my chest, after a hundred metres, I was finding I had to stop and slow down, and stop and rest, and I put it down to lack of exercise.

– Roshan Khan

Despite joining a Cardiff-based running club, and participating in weekly Parkruns, Roshan was alarmed by how badly he struggled.

Friends at the club insisted he visited his GP.

Within months, he underwent a quadruple heart bypass.

Determined to find a way to fundraise for the "marvellous" care he'd received, Roshan set the target of running the annual Cardiff Half Marathon.

Rejoining his running club, he was encouraged by the support he received.

I had faith in human nature, but it's really reinforced that faith.

People around the running community and sports community have been brilliant.

– Roshan Khan