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'More than a quarter of girls' harassed in school uniform in Wales

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More than a quarter of girls in school uniform in Wales have been sexually harassed in public, according to a survey by a girls' rights charity.

Plan International UK has found that 27 per cent of girls in Wales have received unwanted sexual attention or contact such as being groped, stared at, catcalled and wolf-whistled while wearing their school uniform.

One in eight girls (13 per cent) told the charity they had their first experience of unwanted sexual attention or contact in a public place when they were 12 years old or younger.

of girls in Wales say they have been sexually harassed while travelling to or from school.

The survey of 1,004 girls aged 14-21 also found that out of those living in Wales, 10 per cent said they had been followed while in uniform and 7 per cent said they had been filmed or photographed by a stranger without their permission or someone had taken a photograph up their school skirt.

It is shocking and deeply concerning that girls, many of whom are clearly of school age because they are in uniform, are being targeted and sexually harassed by perpetrators in the street.

It’s simply not acceptable that girls as young as 12 are being wolf whistled at in public, touched against their will, stared at or even followed. This disgraceful behaviour needs to be called out and stopped.

Despite great progress for women and girls in some areas, street harassment is too often considered to be a ‘part of growing up’ and is widely normalised.

– Tanya Barron, Chief Executive at Plan International UK