A survivor of historic sexual abuse is calling for more support for children suffering sexual abuse in Wales and better victim protection.

Maya Meftahi was sexually abused by her father, she remembers it starting from around the age of four. In 2012, her father plead guilty to charges including incest and indecent assault and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served six and has now been released on licence.

There wasn't a childhood.

Maya Meftahi
Maya was abused by her father for years as a child. Credit: Maya Meftahi

Maya is now campaigning for more support for survivors including introducing Child Houses where children who are being abused can safely escape to. She has put forward a petition to the Welsh Assembly to highlight her campaign.

London have two child houses, they have a safety network for children to go into. We should have the same in Wales. What child is going to get from Wales to London?

Maya Meftahi

Maya has set up an agency called She Can Consultancy to help people experiencing sexual violence and psychological trauma.

Her aim is to provide a national platform for survivors to speak out safely so they can have access to support.

She says part of the reason she wants to help other survivors is because she feels she was not supported enough after what she went through.

No child or adult should have to wait for services or support following any incident of sexual violence. The care and needs of the victim must be paramount. In addition to counselling services provided by Health Boards, we are looking at developing an all-Wales Traumatic Stress Service to provide to provide intensive counselling to victims of sexual assault. The NHS is also developing regional services to support the immediate needs of child and adult victims and works closely with the police and third sector bodies to provide support to children through the network of Welsh Sexual Assault Referral Centres.

Welsh Government spokesperson