Are our workplaces welcoming enough to people with hearing loss?

Nicholas Watkins says his colleagues have been very supportive

There are around eighty thousand people in Wales of working age with some form of deafness or hearing loss.

Half of them have been teased or mocked or even bullied, according to charity Action on Hearing Loss.

It says its survey shows a lack of awareness and understanding and wants employers to act.

Watch my report below:

Nicholas Watkins, 49, has been deaf since birth.

A trained carpenter and kitchen fitter, he'd had a long period struggling to get work after a period of illness.

He was finally able to get work at Cardiff's IKEA branch, and says the team have supported him.

I've been working in Ikea for 5 months and I'm really happy with the job: it's brilliant.

Harry, my boss, makes sure he faces me when talking so I understand him by not talking too fast or too slowly

– Nicholas Watkins
Harry and Nicholas at work

Nicholas is looking forward to many more happy years in his job

But he knows for many other people like him, the workplace isn't always as welcoming.