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Man jailed for climbing Menai Bridge to avoid police arrest

Credit: North Wales Police/CPS

A man has been jailed for climbing onto the Menai Suspension Bridge to escape police arrest.

Craig Lee jones walked along the highest point of the bridge for more than a hour after being refused a drink at a pub, forcing police to close the bridge to traffic.

The closure caused tailbacks for more than two hours on September 15.

Paramedics and fire fighters were joined at the scene while an RNLI lifeboat from Beaumaris, and coastguards from Bangor stood by in case the 31-year-old fell from the 150-foot high structure.

Jones, of Orme Terrace, Bangor, walked along the highest point of the bridge for nearly an hour.

The closure of the bridge put additional pressure on the Britannia Bridge causing massive tailbacks for more than two hours.

While at the top, Jones of Bangor, waved at those below, made phone calls and at one point waved waved his t-shirt. He was also seen to throw something from his hand to the ground below.

Jones eventually came down from the bridge and was arrested.

He appeared from custody via a videolink at Caernarfon Crown Court. Jones wiped tears from his eyes as he was jailed for eight months.

The judge pointed out the Menai Strait was one of the most treacherous straits not only in Europe but probably in the world. “It beggars belief,” the judge said, before sending him to prison.